Customizable Data Collection & Reporting System

Mobile Friendly and Customizable Data Collection System for effective and efficient resource usage. . (


Actsmart Solutions Pvt Ltd

Time Frame

Feb 2020 - June 2021

The GPS enabled mobile data collection application is unlock the GIS capability in the data collection. Further More than 10 types of questions, predefined customizable validation methods, user authentication system and offline capabilities are speed up the field level data collection.

Different kind of pre-designed and customizable analytical dashboards are facilitating to the decision makers to play with real data, without any frustration. Furthermore the machine learning technology unlock the potential of analysis of big data and Forecasting of incidents.

Core Features of the System

Light Weight Android App
Location Tracking Capabilities
More the 10 types of questions
User Can Customize Questions and Validations
Customizable Dashboards, Maps & Reports
Secure user login with OTP
Power of Amazon Web Services
Machine Learning