Surveying, Mapping & 3d Modelling

Pre-Construction Survey Greater Matale water supply project

The National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB) of Sri Lanka expect to supply pipe born drinking water for the Matale District and the peripheral area. The total proposed pipeline network is about 625Km and will laying along the road network.



Time Period

21st May 2017 – 17th July 2017

The Greater Matale Water Supply Scheme consists of five sub projects:

  • Matale Supply Scheme
  • Ukuwelaa Supply Scheme
  • Udatenna Supply Scheme
  • Ambanganga New Water Supply Scheme
  • Rattota New Water Supply Scheme

SADE as the construction agency for the Greater Matale Water supply project need to identify the existing damages of the properties and structures alongside the proposed construction route before the construction activities carrying out. Therefore, SADE has been requested to identify and report the existing damages of properties and structures along the construction route through a pre-construction survey from the CANOPUS (Pvt) ltd. Further, they have request to carried out field works in two phases. 1st phase for transmission line and 2nd phase for distribution pipe laying works.