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Design, Develop and Implementation of MIS for SAPP

The Smallholder Agribusiness Partnership Programme is a funded project of IFAD and implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture. For ease of Management the SAPP is decided to develop the MIS, Thus through the QCBS method, selected Canopus Pvt Ltd.


Smallholder Agribusiness Partnership Programme – Ministry of Agriculture

Time Frame

Since Jan 2022

  • TASK 01: Design the Management Information System, through the business analysis process
  • TASK 02: Develop the MIS in open-source technologies along with SMS gateway, Web Maps, and dashboards.
  • TASK 03: Providing hosting facilities, Support Services for the successful operation of the MIS

Android Applications

Location based analytical tools and Geo dashboards

Customizable Survey Module for Baseline Endline Data Collection

Hosting, Support and Maintenance

The solution is developed using opensource technologies. Canopus Pvt Ltd ensured 99.95 % uptime and 99.9999 Data Security through our expertise in Server management. For more details visit